Jewish National Fund-USA Showcases the Real Israel, Rejects Amnesty’s Delegitimization Campaign

NEW YORK, Feb. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Jewish National Fund-USA encourages everyone to show the world the real Israel as the organization calls out Amnesty International for its relentless campaign of delegitimization and hate against the Jewish homeland.

"Every day, we show the world why the land and people of Israel continue to be a light unto the nations and a force for good," said Jewish National Fund-USA CEO, Russell F. Robinson. "We must continue to respond to hate by celebrating Israel’s vibrancy and the beauty of Zionism."

Jewish National Fund-USA provides numerous ways to learn about the land and people of Israel and Jewish people everywhere. "If you want to know the real Israel, watch ZTV featuring our Conversations on Zionism series and see why people across the political spectrum are reclaiming the narrative and are proud to call themselves Zionists." said Robinson. The next Conversations on Zionism episode will air on February 15 and feature South African Olga Meshoe Washington, the CEO of Defend Embrace Invest(in) Support Israel (DEISI). Register to watch the episode at

"If you want your teenagers to become informed and proud of their connection to Israel, there’s no substitute to experiencing Israel in person. Through our Alexander Muss High School in Israel American semester-abroad experience, high school teens are empowered to see Israel with their own eyes in an environment of academic excellence. Then, when they reach college, they feel proud of their Zionism and serve as advocates for the Jewish people and Israel while combatting disinformation, dishonesty, and delegitimization," added Robinson.

Jewish National Fund-USA is also calling on everyone to come home and visit Israel. Through JNF-USA Travel & Tours, individuals, families, and groups can experience Israel’s melting pot of cultures and people. Aspiring chefs and foodies can sign up to experience a culinary region like no other at the soon to be launched Galilee Culinary Institute by JNF-USA, while the organization’s Western Galilee Now Tourist Information Center is ready to showcase Israel’s multicultural north to the world.

Through philanthropic investments, Jewish National Fund-USA remains committed to helping Israel serve as a light unto the nations. Every year, the organization brings thousands of students from developing countries to Israel to learn about sustainable agriculture and water technologies. In addition, environmental students from surrounding countries and territories are brought together in the Arava to address pollution and related challenges. World-class universities also continue to partner with Israel through initiatives like the JNF-USA Joint Institute for Global Food, Water, and Energy Security, which is an exciting collaboration between the University of Arizona, the Arava Valley, and Jewish National Fund-USA that addresses the major environmental challenges facing the African continent.

"Because of the campaigns of disinformation, dishonesty, and delegitimization led by organizations such as Amnesty International, there’s never been a more important time for people beyond the Jewish faith to see the real Israel," said Robinson. "That’s why Jewish National Fund-USA has brought 1,014 – and counting — university faculty members and college leaders to Israel through its Faculty Fellowship Program in Israel and Caravan for Democracy Student Leadership Mission. Participants experience all facets of Israeli society and learn about the country’s politics, culture, religion, and so much more."

While there will always be hate in this world, we can combat it in the most powerful way by showing pride in our Jewish identity and Zionism. As long as we remain united, nothing will hold us back from realizing our people’s right to self-determination in our homeland, Israel.

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