Introducing Surge Institute’s New Chicago Executive Director: Ulric Shannon

Surge Institute Adds a Visionary Leader, Stepping Up to Shape the Future of Education

CHICAGO, Oct. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Surge Institute is thrilled to announce the appointment of Ulric Shannon as the organization’s Chicago Executive Director.

With a leadership journey spanning more than 15 years in education management, Ulric brings a treasure trove of experience and passion to the role. His journey in the education sector began as a teacher for Chicago Public Schools, honing his skills in the heart of the community.

In his most recent role as the Director of Purpose at LiberatED Way (AUSL), Ulric proved his commitment to dismantling systemic barriers in education, leading transformative initiatives focused on providing equitable opportunities for all K-12 students and demonstrating a laser-focused determination to uplift our education system at its roots.

Ulric’s exceptional commitment to mission-driven leadership is evident in his tireless efforts to develop and manage strategic partnerships at both local and national levels. These efforts have consistently expanded access to high-quality education and created sustainable change within the community, qualities that stood out during the hiring process with Surge Institute.

“The candidate pool was extremely impressive and competitive! Ulric’s versatile experience in leadership of people and programs, fundraising and partnerships, as well as community building set him apart from the rest,” said Janaia Nash, Surge Institute’s Chief Programs Officer. “As a 2020 Surge Fellow, Ulric lived the transformative experience of the program, and as an Alum, he remained extremely engaged, showing his passion and commitment for the work.”

“We are excited for Ulric to lead Surge Chicago into the next era,” Nash said.

Ulric’s passion, dedication and expertise will help him lead Surge Chicago into a bright and promising future. His journey as a Surge Fellow and his consistent commitment to the work have equipped him with a deep understanding of Surge’s mission and vision.

“Being a Chi 2020 Alumni fills me with immense pride, and assuming the role of Executive Director at Surge Chicago is a privilege that excites me to my core,” Ulric said. “This organization holds a special place in my heart, as it has not only shaped my professional path but has also been instrumental in my personal growth. Chicago, my home, is the heartbeat of Surge’s mission—a movement that unites people, passion and knowledge to bring about a positive transformation in our city.”

As Surge Institute continues its journey toward educational equity, we are confident that Ulric’s leadership will significantly contribute to elevating and empowering leaders, uplifting our community and transforming education.

Kara Prior

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The Surge Institute is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was established with a simple but important mission to develop and elevate leaders of color who create transformative change for children, families, and communities. Founded by Carmita Semaan in 2014, the organization was designed to empower emerging diverse leaders to change the landscape of education by providing them with a unique, authentic leadership development experience. Learn more about The Surge Institute.

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