Introducing Latiner – the First Latina-created Dating App for Latino and Hispanic Singles

SAN FRANCISCO, June 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Latiner, a Latino dating app created by a millennial Latina entrepreneur, has just launched across the globe. By providing exclusive access to date Latino and Hispanic singles, the app aims to save precious time and effort for the whole Latin American community in finding the right one – an often-challenging goal to achieve on mainstream dating apps. 

Latiner was created by Maria Camila, a 25-year-old Colombian working in the U.S. logistics industry, with help from IT industry veterans. Maria got the idea of creating Latiner from her own negative experiences while pursuing romantic love through online dating apps and offline blind dating.

Initially inspired by her best friend’s interracial love story, Maria began to dream about romantic love while she was all alone in the U.S. Although the couple set her up on blind dates with singles from different races/ethnicities in the U.S., it quickly became apparent that people seemed to have their own preferences when it came to dating. "Some people turned me down because of cultural differences, while some of the others told me they were afraid of the ‘Latina temper’," Maria Camila said.

Even venturing into the online dating world didn’t offer much prospects for Maria. "I spent a lot of time swiping on dating apps. It was really exciting when I found someone I liked, but when I tried to contact them, some of them said that they didn’t want to date Latinas. It was really a waste of time," Maria said. "Also, it does take an emotional toll when one continually comes across a profile specifically stating, ‘Whites Only’. It just makes you want to quit the process entirely," Maria explained further.

In fact, researchers ( have long documented the existence of a racial hierarchy within the U.S. dating world, and sociologists ( have also found that people from all racial backgrounds disproportionately contacted users from their same racial background. 

According to Pew Research Center, the Hispanic population in the U.S reached 60.6 million in 2019, accounting for approximately 18 percent of the country’s total population. "It hit me that we, as the second-largest racial or ethnic group in the U.S., should have one dating app built on our own. A dating app catering to whoever wants to date Latin American singles, considering that mainstream dating apps are mostly created and dominated by white people," Maria said. "Latin American singles need a comfortable and efficient dating platform. That’s what inspired me to create Latiner."

Latiner focuses on features that appeal to Latino millennials. For example, instead of swiping for a match based on physical appearance, the app adopts a "Star Sign" search functionality that allows users to filter potential matches by their astrological sign. Additionally, the app attempts to encourage an open and direct way of self-presentation, which is in line with the personality traits of Latin Americans. Immediately after registration, users are directly asked to answer why other people should contact them. This makes it easier to promote themselves and allows for quicker, more genuine matches.

"With Latiner, we are offering an alternative for Latin American singles looking for a more personalized online dating experience," Maria Camila said. "I just want to make dating easier for Latino and Hispanic singles by providing a platform where people come to us. Now, I am considering applying for the PowerUp Fund which is granted by Google. It provides comprehensive access to capital for Latino-led enterprises."

About Latiner
Latiner is a new dating app for Latino & Hispanic singles. It provides a comfortable dating platform where people can meet Mexican, Hispanic, Colombian, and other Latin American singles worldwide.


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