INTO THE DESERT by Xue Mo Clinches 2024 Independent Press Award

CHICAGO, March 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — As the Year of the Dragon commences, the American Independent Press Award (IPA) officially announced that the English edition of Chinese author Xue Mo’s seminal work, INTO THE DESERT (originally titled “沙漠的女儿”), has been nominated for its 2024 award. Announced every March, IPA aims to discover and recognize exceptional independent publications from around the world.

INTO THE DESERT, another literary masterpiece by Xue Mo, was beautifully translated by the renowned American sinologist and translator, Howard Goldblatt, and his wife, Dr. Sylvia Li-chun Lin. It vividly depicts the relentless human quest for dreams and hope. The novel tells the story of two village women from rural Western China who, during their journey across the Gobi Desert, face a series of gripping challenges. With love and wisdom, they successfully reach the salt lake and begin a new life. However, even after their dreams come true, they once again start seeking ways to change their fates.

In a recent interview, Xue Mo shared his thoughts after receiving the Independent Press Award:

“The Independent Press Award is more than an honor; it is a reminder that literature has the power to transcend boundaries, both geographical and emotional. Indeed, our shared human experiences, though diverse and varied, are deeply interconnected.”

“In short, INTO THE DESERT is a story about resilience and hope…”

“INTO THE DESERT is also a metaphor. Life can be likened to a vast desert, in which we all must find our own paths. This desert sometimes takes the form of real-life challenges, such as unemployment, disease, or societal pressures. At other times, it manifests as the internal struggle and confusion that lies deep within us, embodying the wandering of the soul, the loneliness, and even the questioning of life’s meaning.

“In a world increasingly beset by disconnection and isolation, I hope INTO THE DESERT can serve as a bridge connecting lives in search of meaning and companionship. “

All literary works by Xue Mo, known for their vivid portrayals of Western China’s landscapes, rich cultures, and insightful reflection on existence, nature, the soul, and the eternal, has received international acclaim. His writings have been translated into over twenty languages, resulting in nearly 70 foreign-language editions by distinguished translators including Howard Goldblatt, Nicky Harman, Hans-Peter Kolb, Wolfgang Kubin, Liljana Arsovska, Kim Seong-il, Danis, and Hassan. It is noteworthy that nearly ten of Xue Mo’s works have been translated by Howard Goldblatt and his wife alone. In their emails, they spoke highly of Xue Mo and his works, “Xue Mo’s novels are filled with humanitarian care and philosophical thought. He is the deepest thinker among contemporary Chinese writers.”

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