ImoLaza Unveils Revolutionary Smart Sprinkler Controller – ImoLaza® PRO at the Irrigation Show, Pioneering a New Era in Irrigation Technology

ImoLaza® PRO Achieves Astonishing 60% Water Savings Using Real-time Weather Data and ET Technology

SAN ANTONIO, Nov. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ImoLaza, a high-tech company specializing in futuristic irrigation technology, committed to sustainable water use and intelligent management, proudly Launched the latest addition to its smart irrigation series – ImoLaza® PRO. Teaming up with the acclaimed ImoLaza® ET Master Smart Sprinkler Controller, ImoLaza® PRO brings a next-generation smart irrigation technology that has received widespread acclaim to millions of households.

As a pioneer in smart watering decision models, ImoLaza showcased their professionally tailored ImoLaza® PRO, a top-tier smart irrigation controller designed specifically for contractors, at the Irrigation Show held in San Antonio.

ImoLaza® PRO comes equipped with the world’s most advanced smart weather forecasting and monitoring system – Smart Weather Genius™. By seamlessly integrating meteorological satellite data from National Weather Service, radar data from Local Meteorological Departments, and real-time data from 375,000 Personal Weather Stations, ImoLaza® PRO continuously monitors and predicts various weather indicators such as air temperature, wind speed, sunlight intensity, and precipitation in the user’s location. Leveraging ultra-precise weather data, it intelligently halts watering during unfavorable conditions like rain, wind, or frost, thereby enhancing water utilization efficiency.

ImoLaza Intelligent ET Master™, another core technology of ImoLaza, monitors actual weather data 24/7, including air temperature, air humidity, wind speed, sunlight intensity, and precipitation, supported by Smart Weather Genius™. It continuously analyzes and records natural evaporation and plant transpiration rates in the lawn. With this information, it precisely calculates soil moisture and the actual water needs of the lawn, automatically adjusting watering duration and frequency based on the calculations, ensuring the lawn receives the precise amount of water needed at the right time, helping users save up to 60% on water bills.

The hardware support for ImoLaza® PRO is robust, equipped with a CR2032 RTC battery that allows the device to operate on schedule even in the absence of a network or offline. Additionally, the ASA corrosion-resistant shell provides sturdy protection against UV, high temperatures, and aging, ensuring the device operates stably for an extended period, maintaining optimal performance.

ImoLaza® PRO also boasts intelligent protective features, including built-in surge protection to effectively prevent the impact of lightning and voltage exceeding normal ranges on the device. This ensures users can confidently use the device during storms and power outages. Moreover, it has circuit detection functionality to automatically identify current issues, helping users detect and address problems before they affect irrigation.

What’s even more impressive is that ImoLaza® PRO includes intelligent fault alert capabilities, automatically detecting and alerting users to any abnormal situations, such as controller offline, electromagnetic valve short circuits, and pipeline leaks. In addition, ImoLaza offers a five-year warranty, providing users with peace of mind.

Ryan, the founder and CEO of ImoLaza, stated, “We are in a new era of transformation in the irrigation industry, impacting not only products and technology but also profoundly changing how users interact with products and their overall experience. ImoLaza is dedicated to creating a reliable smart sprinkler controller for all users, injecting excellence into the smart and quality experience of life. Therefore, each of our engineers has put tremendous effort into their respective fields, pouring all their efforts into this project. They aspire to see their work positively impact the world environment. The launch of ImoLaza® PRO marks a significant milestone in the field of irrigation technology, and we are proud to be representatives of advanced smart irrigation technology.”

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, residential outdoor water use in the United States accounts for nearly 8 billion gallons of water each day, mainly for landscape irrigation. Experts estimate that as much as 50 percent of this water is wasted due to overwatering caused by inefficiencies in irrigation methods and systems. ImoLaza® PRO, in conjunction with the ImoLaza® ET Master Smart Sprinkler Controller, waters only when plants need it, significantly reducing overwatering.

The ImoLaza® PRO Smart Sprinkler Controller will be officially launched in November 2023 and can be purchased through the website and offline dealers. ImoLaza® PRO products will be available in all states across the United States, and users can contact local dealers for on-site installation to enjoy the convenience brought by smart irrigation.

ImoLaza unveiled the ImoLaza® PRO Smart Sprinkler Controller and ImoLaza® ET Master Smart Sprinkler Controller for the first time at booth 545 in the Irrigation Show 2023 at the San Antonio Convention Center. For more information about the company and its current products, please visit

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