If Miracles Are Real… Where Is the Evidence? New Controversial Documentary Investigating Miracles Released Tuesday Evening

REDDING, Calif., Sept. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Send Proof is redefining the term "Christian Documentary…" Many are cheesy and boring propaganda pieces. By contrast, Send Proof seeks to bridge that gap between being intellectually honest and the claims of divine healing that Christians claim to experience.

In doing so, the film asks all the difficult theological, scientific, and philosophical questions. Is there sufficient proof for an open-minded and deep-thinking person to be convinced that a miracle has occurred?  Elijah Stephens, who is the film’s star, worked closely with the Global Medical Research Institute to research several miracle cases.

"It is the first documentary of its kind that shows miracle claims that have been researched and published in peer-reviewed journals," said Stephens. "If miracles do occur, it challenges the prevailing naturalistic understanding of reality throughout the West."

A disillusioned Christian watches his former senior pastor leave the faith, and finds himself plagued with his own doubts. With his worldview falling apart, he goes on a journey to see if there is evidence for modern healing miracles, and along the way he encounters sharp atheists and skeptics that tell him that he will not find any.

It features some of the top skeptics like James Randi (his last film before he passed away), Michael Shermer, John Loftus, and Dr. Jacalyn Duffin.

One of the most notable interviews is when Stephens candidly asks James Randi why he doesn’t believe in miracles. Randi has been a lifelong, skeptic researcher and was the one to expose Peter Popoff, a popular 70’s TV evangelist and faith healer who used an earpiece with his wife to lead people into a counterfeit healing experience. 

In addition, Dr. Duffin plays an intriguing role in the film. Duffin used her skills as a history of medicine researcher, to study over 1,400 miracles in the Vatican archive. While still to this day she is an atheist, she was convinced that miracles occurred. When asked how many of the miracles she would throw out as poor science, she said "Maybe one." She wrote Medical Miracles to chronicle her research.

Some of charismatic Christianity’s top voices also lend their argument, like Bill Johnson, Randy Clark, Heidi Baker, and Shawn Bolz.

The film, released on September 14th, has been met with praise.

"I lost my faith years ago," said Don Taylor. "I thought Send Proof was balanced to both the Christian and skeptics positions. I cried several times."

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