How to Innovate: Dirk Beveridge Discusses “We Supply America” Tour on DCKAP’s Driven Podcast

UnleashWD’s Founder talks about “the noble calling of distribution,” macro trends, and leadership

AUSTIN, Texas, Dec. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On DCKAP’s Driven podcast, Dirk Beveridge, Founder of UnleashWD, discusses leadership, personal development, and the importance of a unified sales process with host Karthik Chidambaram. He shares insights from “We Supply America,” his nationwide video RV tour across America to engage with distributors.               

  • Distribution: A Key Economic Sector: “It’s a $7 to $8 trillion business that contributes and builds over 6 million jobs across this country. From the warehouse floor to marketing, IT, and administration, these jobs provide opportunities for human beings to find purpose, fulfillment, and grow into their full potential,” says Beveridge.
  • Adapting to Macro Forces in Business: From the wars in Gaza and Ukraine, to shifting demographics, to the ripple effect of the pandemic, the industry and world is being disrupted. Beveridge underlines the importance of people and talent, saying, “The human aspect of business is what the world’s best leaders are going to focus on.”
  • Leaders’ Role in Shaping Company Culture: Beveridge advises leaders to align personal values with their management approach. He encourages leaders to put people first because, “It’s darn good for business and for profitability.”
  • “We Supply America” — Insights from the Field: Traveling to over 80 distributors, Beveridge gathered and shared inspiring distributor stories through videos and LinkedIn posts. “These stories are filled with inspiration and lessons,” he said.

Beveridge, through speaking and social media, shares his passion for innovation and impact. His advice for innovators includes exploring other industries and conferences, focusing on building a culture that allows experimentation, and embracing failures as learning opportunities.

The DCKAP Driven Podcast is an audio and video show that explores leaders’ stories, digital journeys, and insights on trends in B2B and distribution. The podcast is hosted by Karthik Chidambaram, founder and CEO of DCKAP, who grew the company to a global team with more than 200 employees. DCKAP was recently awarded “Best Support,” “Momentum Leader” and “Easiest to Do Business With” by, the world’s largest and most trusted tech software marketplace.

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About Dirk Beveridge and UnleashWD
UnleashWD is a design, innovation, and strategy firm that transforms legacy distributors into nimble and innovative market leaders. Through the UnleashWD Academy, Innovation Summit, keynote speeches, strategy retreats, in-house workshops, and his books and publications, Dirk Beveridge inspires distributors to lead their organizations into the disruptive future by delivering solutions for thinking differently, planning strategically, and innovating for the long-term. Visit at

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