Historic Bi-Partisan Legislation Recognizing 1971 Bangladesh Genocide Introduced on Capitol Hill

WASHINGTON, Oct. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — October 14, 2022 will be remembered as a historic day. On this day the bipartisan H. Res. 1430, seeking formal recognition of of the 1971 Bangladesh genocide, was introduced by Congressional representatives, Steve Chabot and Ro Khanna. For more than a year, the Ohio chapter of HinduPACT led the campaign with the support of members of the Bangladeshi community from across the US.

The resolution calls for punishment under international law, against war criminals in the Pakistan Army and their allied Islamists, who were responsible for the murder of 3 million people in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) over the course of 9 months. An overwhelming majority of the victims were Hindus as they were specifically targeted for extermination.

Renu Gupta, HinduPACT’s chapter Lead in Cincinnati, said, “Today, Cincinnati has made history. Congressman Steve Chabot has been kind enough to understand our concerns and taking up the resolution to recognize Pakistan’s crimes in 1971 as genocide. I thank our friend, Deputy Mayor of Blue Ash, Pramod Zaveri, for sensitizing Congressman Chabot about the issue. I want to thank all the volunteers in Cincinnati for making it possible.”

Amulya Tyagi, a HinduPACT member from Cincinnati, said, “From the bottom of our heart we thank Congressman Steve Chabot for showing the conviction and courage to introduce this resolution. A special mention must be made of the Congressman’s Foreign Policy Advisor, Mark Erste, for leading this effort and working with the HinduPACT team in bringing HR 1430 to reality. Mark’s team also worked with Congressman Ro Khanna’s staff resulting in the Congressman co-sponsoring the resolution. We sincerely thank Congressman Ro Khanna and his staff for this.”

Vinod Sudhakar, President of the Hindu Temple of Greater Cincinnati, said, “As a Cincinnatian, I am extremely proud of Congressman Steve Chabot for showing great courage and resolve in recognizing the state sponsored massacre of millions in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) in 1971 as a genocide. On behalf of the Hindus in Cincinnati and every person that cares for and values human life we applaud Congressman Chabot for setting an example for all political leaders in this country to choose justice and resolute action versus political convenience and inaction.”

Ajay Shah, Convenor of HinduPACT, said, “Hindus have suffered countless genocides over past 1000 years. The world has ignored these genocides and textbooks have remained silent. We thank Rep. Chabot and Rep. Khanna for proposing this resolution. We hope that this resolution passes unanimously.”

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