Highland Park Holocaust Survivor Etta Katz Celebrates 100th Birthday, Shares Her Survivor Story in Exclusive Interview with Fresh Content Society

CHICAGO, Aug. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Etta Katz, a Highland Park local and Holocaust survivor, celebrates her 100th birthday in 2022 and is celebrating the milestone by sharing her survivor story with the public. In partnership with Fresh Content Society, a Chicago-based social media management company, Katz shared her eye-opening story in an exclusive half-hour interview featured on Fresh Content Society’s blog.

Born in 1922, Katz survived both the Auchwitz and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps during the Holocaust. Katz is one of just 50,000 remaining Holocaust survivors living in the United States. Through the re-telling of Katz’s story, she and Fresh Content Society hope to educate younger viewers on the Holocaust and keep the stories of Holocaust survivors alive even after they are gone.

"It’s essential to continue telling the tragic but inspiring stories of Holocaust survivors," said Scott Emalfarb, founder and CEO of Fresh Content Society and the grandson of Katz. "There’s an entire generation of survivors that will be extinct in the next decade or so. Before we know it, video interviews will be the only medium to watch, listen, and learn from these survivors."

The video interview documents Katz and her family’s experience during the Holocaust, from the Hungarian invasion in 1939 to being forced into concentration camps. The exclusive interview can be viewed here¬†Fresh Content Society’s blog: https://freshcontentsociety.com/blog/.

For more information on Etta Katz or how you can support Holocaust education efforts, please reach out to Fresh Content Society or visit https://freshcontentsociety.com. 

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