Halo Appliances Set to Launch Revolutionary Halo Capsule X Cordless Vacuum Cleaner in the United States

BOCA RATON, Fla., Jan. 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Halo Appliances is excited to announce the U.S. launch of the Halo Capsule X, an innovative cordless vacuum cleaner. This high-performance, ultra-light, and large-capacity appliance, developed by the experienced founder, inventor, and CEO Paul Bagwell, is set to transform American home cleaning.

With over 25 years in the vacuum cleaner industry, Bagwell identified key issues in existing cordless vacuums: short run times, poor performance, and inadequate capacities. The Halo Capsule X is his response, designed to effortlessly meet consumer needs.

“Introducing the Halo Capsule X to the U.S. is a major step in revolutionizing home cleaning. We’ve crafted this vacuum to balance power, capacity, and ease of use, setting new industry standards,” said Bagwell. “Since our introduction in the UK and Europe, Halo Appliance has already taken the market by storm. Our innovative approach and commitment to excellence has reshaped consumer expectations in the industry.”

The Capsule X features a 60-minute runtime, award-winning performance, and a novel ultra-light design using carbon fiber. Its patent-pending design uniquely combines attributes not seen before in the vacuum cleaner industry.

This model offers a convenient bagged system for easy, quick, and hygienic emptying. With a 1.6L capacity, four times larger than many competitors, it allows for extensive cleaning without constant emptying. Halo’s innovation shines in its efficient, hygienic design, outperforming other vacuums, particularly in cleanliness during emptying.

Halo Appliances also emphasizes sustainability. Unlike most vacuums with a 2-3 year lifespan, Halo products are built to last over a decade, aligning with the company’s eco-friendly mission. This longevity reduces waste and is complemented by Halo’s sustainable practices, such as compostable dust pouches and user-serviceable designs with accessible spare parts.

Halo invites American consumers to experience the Capsule X’s exceptional performance, capacity, and ultra-light handling, all within an eco-conscious framework.

For more information, visit www.haloappliances.com.

Halo Appliances, founded by industry veteran Paul Bagwell, is dedicated to revolutionizing household cleaning technology. The company focuses on high-performance, sustainable, and user-friendly vacuum cleaners, with the Halo Capsule X exemplifying design and efficiency through advanced materials like carbon fiber. Halo’s commitment to sustainability ensures a cleaner home and a greener planet.

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