Ground Breaking Non-Profit Rethinks Publishing and Releases Hope for the Future

CHELAN, Wash., Oct. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CommonPlace, a non-profit publisher and resource developer, is embarking on an organizational model that partners every publication with an under-resourced group of people. Their flagship title, “Hope Against Hope: A Word Study in Romans,” is an 8-week Bible study that includes small group discussion questions, guided prayers, and an in-depth study of Paul’s experience with hope. It also infuses hope back into a world worn down by bad news to the benefit of Providence Heights, a training center that focuses on prevention and transformation for women.

Hope research and “emotion theorists” have recently begun to examine the unexpected power of hope in dealing with fear and uncertainty. Recently, Forbes shared an article about the importance of hope in business strategy, and psychologist Charles Richard Snyder developed his “Hope Theory” based upon how hope can positively inform performance. However, God has always known the power of hopeā€”not for strategy or success, but for one’s spiritual well-being, purpose, and significance.

CommonPlace founder and content developer, Megan Johnson, has been doing non-profit work for a decade. “When I started CommonPlace, I had one thought in mind: ‘I want to resource the under-resourced.'” Every CommonPlace resource is designed to strengthen the faith of believers while offering tangible hope to those who feel hopeless. “Hope Against Hope: A Word Study in Romans” is the first resource in the CommonPlace collection to be released. For review copies or more information, email:

CommonPlace 501(c)(3) is rethinking how to resource the world around us. Our vision is to empower local leaders to lead in their own context to the benefit of their community’s needs.

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