Griot B Announces New Album Moor than a Month, Honoring Black History with Message: “We Are Still Celebrating Us”

Educator Turned Rapper and Founder of School Yard Rap is Continuing the Celebration of Black History and Culture Beyond the Month of February with New Album Release

LOS ANGELES, March 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In bold defiance of convention and a powerful tribute to the impact of the Black community, artist and rapper Griot B, also the founder of School Yard Rap – which teaches true history to children through music written by Griot B – announces his Moor than a Month album to extend the celebration of Black history beyond February, and more importantly, beyond the confines of current educational curriculum.

Moor Than a Month marks Griot B’s ninth rap album to date and is dedicated to younger generations to empower them and celebrate Black heritage through music in a way they have never heard before. The album also gives parents something not seen widely in the music industry right now, music they can play with their kids that is clean, fun, and educational.

A major motivating factor behind this album is the fact that Black history is US history, and without Black people, we wouldn’t have US history. A month is important and appreciated, but just like one album could not contain all of the amazing contributions and stories of the African Americans, neither can one month,” says Griot B.

A former teacher turned breakout artist, Griot B was motivated to combine education and entertainment to create “School Yard Rap,” his production company which sets the stage for Griot B to shine a light on underrepresented stories and history in an engaging, groundbreaking format that lends itself to the ways children actually learn and absorb.

The album’s top tracks include title track “Moor than a Month”; “Roses,” a testimony to the people in our lives who have made an impact but may not get the social media clout or national headlines they deserve, inspired by teachers and nonprofit workers Griot B has worked with; “PrimeTime”; and “Powerful.” This album’s featured performers include Yvnng Ecko, Daygo Fatts, and Nef the Pharaoh, who all pivoted from their work targeted more towards adults, and worked hard with Griot B in creating impactful and memorable lyrics for a children’s demographic.

But the impact doesn’t stop with the album – Griot B has brought Moor Than a Month to the stage with School Yard Rap’s national tour visiting schools, concert halls, local theaters, and more. Their next performance is bringing the electricity to Los Angeles tonight, March 18th, at the Wilshire Ebell Theater.

The show is non-stop entertainment for all ages. Griot B himself is a testament to being a modern-day griot – a storyteller who bridges generations through the power of narrative and music. The show is more than a performance and the album is more than tracks; they are lessons in empowerment, bringing to light stories of Black history beyond slavery and segregation.

You can check out the new music video for the album here.

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Brandon “Griot B” Brown has been an educator of minds for over a decade. Prior to founding School Yard Rap, he was a founding school leader in Richmond, California. He built a strong school culture, boasted the lowest suspension rate in his district, and helped the school receive Top Bay Area Public Schools designation. He began his career as a public-school teacher in South Los Angeles and Inglewood, California and used hip-hop in his classroom to increase students’ achievement. He is a man who understands the value of education and the necessity of making school a fun place to learn. His success as a teacher and leader led him to take up the mantle of Griot B and create School Yard Rap.

In West African tradition, a Griot was charged with knowing the history of the village or kingdom and advising the ruler of his clan; he told this history through stories and music. Griot B is a griot for this generation of learners. He tells OUR stories through rap. He educates all about the histories of people of color. He teaches diverse crowds about race and equity.

School Yard Rap is a Black-owned company, established in 2015, which specializes in creating educational content and curriculum through the lens of history.

School Yard Rap’s mission is to drastically improve the educational experiences of learners of all ages by providing curriculum, content, music, and professional development that uplifts the narratives of minorities. We work to build awareness, knowledge, and competencies for excellence and equity in schools and companies. We’ve built partnerships across the US and are always seeking new partnerships that are committed to achieving equitable outcomes for all. 

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