Global Catalytic Ministries Announces Relief Efforts for Afghanistan Earthquake Victims

Devastating earthquake in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan creates urgent need for aid.

NAMPA, Idaho, June 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Global Catalytic Ministries¬†(GCM), a leader in disciple-making ministry specific to the Middle East, announced today that its underground church leaders are bringing relief aid to the people affected by yesterday’s deadly earthquake in eastern Afghanistan.

Most of the homes in this area are built with mud bricks, housing several generations of families. As these homes have become uninhabitable due to earthquake damage, many people are now displaced and children have been orphaned. Starting today, disciple-makers have been connecting with families at and around ground zero to receive the resources they need. GCM is already in the process of building 15 one bedroom/one bath homes for 15 families that our leaders on the ground have already connected with.

Over the last 11 months, the underground church (GCM) has painstakingly created a network within Talaban-controlled areas to bring food, water, and shelter to the people of Afghanistan. Since the Taliban takeover in August 2021, Afghanistan has been experiencing a prolonged economic crisis due to imposed sanctions and the removal of foreign aid. With limited resources and heavily guarded streets, delivering aid has become a difficult task.

"The people of Afghanistan are in desperate need of basic human resources, and GCM has been able to build strong alliances and connections to help support the community," states one leader. "Supporting the community in this way has allowed the underground church to provide the people of Afghanistan with secure delivery of humanitarian and medical aid."

People all over the world are being encouraged to partner with GCM on a $59 a month basis for disciples to be made and continuing the work they have accomplished over the last year in Afghanistan. For less than $2 a day, you can help feed a family, provide shelter, deepen relationships, walk with people as they experience the Holy Spirit, help guide them to bring hope to others, and continue to grow the underground church in Afghanistan. This is a fantastic opportunity to bring the true hope of Jesus, the Bread of Life, and help them become disciples who make disciples.

"There is yet much work to be done in the region and an enormous impact can be made for the Kingdom. The Afghan people have been left behind too many times. They need to know that they are loved, treasured, and not alone." says one Afghan leader

Join GCM in making disciples and growing the underground church in Afghanistan. Partner monthly by clicking the link below.


We will embark on a seven day fast, worshiping and praying for mercy and salvation upon Afghanistan in the fashion of Joel 2:12-17.

In this time, we will be releasing prayers that support the heart of God for this nation, its people and its land. If you are interested in joining our prayer community, please provide your email address so that you can receive daily updates during the seven-day fast.

  • Pray for the rescue efforts, for the Lord’s hand of protection over the teams, families, and children.
  • May this tragedy be used as an opportunity by the Lord to send in aid, and even give relief and support to those who have needed it.
  • May the Lord handpick those who have been waiting to get back into the country and send them.
  • Pray for the Lord to protect the children and place them into families of believers.
  • May the Lord send angelic help, show himself strong, and save.
  • Pray that food, supplies, and the Gospel will reach the suffering people of eastern Afghanistan.

Global Catalytic Ministries (GCM) is a leader in the disciple-making movement in the Middle East, rapidly transforming Muslims worldwide through Jesus Christ by means of intentional disciple making, church planting, and leadership development. The documentaries, "Sheep Among Wolves Volume 1 and Volume 2", expose the experiences of GCM underground church leaders as true sheep among wolves. More information can be found at


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