Global Catalytic Ministries Announces Another Devastating Earthquake Hits Afghanistan

Another devastating earthquake in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan creates desperation.

NAMPA, Idaho, July 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Global Catalytic Ministries (GCM), network on the ground confirmed that another earthquake, along with multiple strong aftershocks, hit today, injuring 10 people in the same region of Afghanistan as last month’s deadly earthquake.

"There was a strong earthquake, please pray. Houses have fallen again. They are bringing the people who got hurt outside their houses. After one hour it will get dark outside. I don’t know if where I’m staying is safe. The sound of the earthquake sounded like an explosion and the earth shook a lot," says one of our partners on the ground.

The underground church and partners on the ground are once again assessing the needs of the Afghan people after this morning’s 5.1 magnitude earthquake. With limited resources and heavily guarded streets, delivering aid has become an extremely difficult task. Just one month ago, Afghanistan was hit by a massive 5.9 earthquake that killed over one thousand people. Many lost their homes and loved ones.

"I don’t know yet about how many people are dead, but I’m talking with women and they are crying so much that I can’t understand them. I just hug them and pray."

"There are still many aftershocks. I hope it will stop soon. It feels like hell and the Taliban are all around with their guns."

Over the last 11 months, the underground church (GCM) has painstakingly created a network within Talaban-controlled areas to bring food, water, and shelter to the people of Afghanistan. The numerous earthquakes are ravaging an already troubled and grieving population. ABC news reported this afternoon that "the international cut-off of Afghanistan’s financing has deepened the country’s economic collapse and fueled its humanitarian crises."

"The people of Afghanistan are in desperate need of basic human resources, and GCM has been able to build strong alliances and connections to help support the community," states one leader. "Supporting the community in this way has allowed the underground church to provide the people of Afghanistan with secure delivery of humanitarian and medical aid."

A monthly partnership with us of $59 can help feed a family, provide shelter, deepen relationships, walk with people as they experience the Holy Spirit, help guide them to bring hope to others, and continue to grow the underground church in Afghanistan. This is a fantastic opportunity to bring the true hope of Jesus, the Bread of Life, and help them become disciples who make disciples.

"There is yet much work to be done in the region and an enormous impact can be made for the Kingdom. The Afghan people have been left behind too many times. They need to know that they are loved, treasured, and not alone," says one Afghan leader

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In this time, we will be releasing prayers that support the heart of God for this nation, its people and its land. If you are interested in joining our prayer community, please email us at

Father God, we are trusting and believing with the laborers in Afghanistan that You have every aspect of their lives in the palms of Your Hands, for they are called and chosen by You for this time to love on survivors and to shine Your Light into the needs of their lives… For all Your treasured gems will be found and come to know King Jesus as their God, Savior AND pursue their call to find other gems to discover the same.


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