G&B Digital Management Urges Immediate Influencer Action in Response to Aggression Against the Asian-American Community

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In response to an increase in aggression against the AAPI community – including the Jan 31st assault of a 91-year old Oakland man – G&B Digital Management Founder Kyle Hjelmseseth speaks out to condemn such acts of violence, urging immediate action from his talent to use their influence in a positive way. G&B’s foundation centers on values of inclusion and equality. A father and husband of an Asian interracial marriage, Hjelmeseth is a minority business owner whose roster of talent includes powerfully unique Asian cultural perspectives. As a result, he is deeply invested in the work of bringing attention and justice to escalating racial attacks on the Asian population.

“This is a moment when the powerful reach of influencers shines brightest,” says Hjelmeseth. “Change begins with courageous voices speaking out on social media to unite communities around threats of injustice, drawing allies to support and protect the vulnerable.”

Recent rhetoric spotlighting blame for the pandemic and aggression against the AAPI community has sharply increased with little attention from mainstream media. Both G&B and G&B Sports and Entertainment encourage talent to use their platforms to spread awareness or identify attackers. Hjelmeseth echoes @DanielDaeKim’s call for a singular community message, urging solidarity.

To get involved, Hjelmeseth recommends reaching out to sources, both personal and media-connected, to elevate these silenced stories and spread the message that they matter to a growing number of people. Grow national awareness by leveraging the power of social media, sharing stories from @NextShark and supporting on-the-ground assistance efforts through donations to organizations such as @HeartofDinner, actively working to feed low-income Asian-American homebound elderly.

About G&B Digital Management (gb-dm.com):
G&B Digital Management specializes in building digital content creators in the fashion, lifestyle, travel, food, and hospitality sectors. Creating a better influence by reinventing the talent management experience with integrity and transparency. Exclusively supporting online talent, G&B partners with the most unique influencers in the US/ EMEA. Passionate about social justice, Founder Kyle Hjelmeseth introduced the Normalize Equality initiative (NormalizeEquality.online) as a guide for influencers, brands, and agencies seeking to weave inclusion into the influencer marketing industry.

Jessi Kopach


SOURCE G&B Digital Management