From Your Head to Your Heart, Sexpert Lee Jagger Reveals the Secrets of How to Rock Your Wedding Night and Beyond

Learn the soft feminine touch that sweeps your groom off his feet

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours are often spent making sure even the smallest details of the wedding day are perfect. However the details of the couple’s first night as man and wife are often overlooked. “You never forget you wedding night, but most brides spend more time picking out their flowers than planning how to make sparks fly in the bedroom on that special night. They haven’t thought beyond picking out their lingerie,” says sex educator Lee Jagger.

In her online education center, with Rock Your Wedding Night, Lee guides brides through the mental and physical choices they can make to ensure their wedding night is not only memorable, but sets the tone for nurturing their sexual lives together for years to come.  Lee explains, “Having a healthy sex life is essential to having a happy marriage. Most brides don’t even know what options they have between the sheets, but there is a buffet of erotic massage techniques that will rock their wedding night and their bedroom for years to come.”

Lee started Rock the Bedroom to empower women to embrace and enjoy their sex lives whether they are newlyweds or learning to fall in love again after decades of marriage. After helping thousands of women feel confident and creative in the bedroom she finds women feel more sexually adventurous after they’ve taken her courses even though they tend to be nervous in the beginning. “Most women haven’t had any exposure to the techniques I use, so they are all beginners which can feel a little awkward at first. I also help them transform their sex lives buy unraveling misconceptions that many women have about their partners that lead to a less satisfying connection. Their partners are my biggest fans!”

For those daring enough to rock the bedroom, step-by-step courses are available online at

Lee Jagger, Founder Rock the Bedroom

Lee has made it her mission to help women claim their creativity and confidence in the bedroom by using her signature erotic massage techniques and empowerment tools.

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