Forbes Women in Tech: Elena Dolia’s Nomination and Olga Dmitrenko’s Victory

LIMASSOL, Cyprus, Dec. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Two distinguished members of the AdTech Holding leadership team, Elena Dolia, Chief Administrative Officer, and Olga Dmitrenko, Chief Revenue Officer, took part in the Forbes Women in Tech award. 

Olga took her well-deserved place in the list of 20 winners, which proves that AdTech Holding‘s values and aspirations go in line with the highest corporate standards of the global IT industry.

Leadership Spotlight: Elena Dolia and Olga Dmitrenko

Olga Dmitrenko, the award winner, stands as a visionary in digital advertising, having played a pivotal role in transforming AdTech Holding from its initial stages to an industry leader. Her strategic thinking and commitment to innovation have not only propelled the company forward but have made lasting impacts on the broader tech sector.

Elena Dolia has been instrumental in cultivating an inclusive work environment at AdTech Holding. With a journey that spans from recruitment to executive leadership, her dedication to ethics and meaningful dialogue has shaped the corporate culture within the tech industry.

Forbes Women in Tech Award Ceremony

The Forbes Women in Tech Award is a beacon of recognition for women making contributions to the technology sector. The ceremony took place on December 7-8 in Limassol and Olga was proclaimed as one of the winners.

Olga Dmitrenko adds, “This award serves as a recognition of our relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence, fueling our commitment to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in tech. I’m happy and inspired to obtain this title.”

Elena Dolia expressed her gratitude, stating, “Being nominated for the Forbes Women in Tech Award is not just a personal honor but demonstrates AdTech Holding’s commitment to fostering an environment where diversity and inclusion thrive.” 

AdTech Holding: Championing Diversity and Inclusion

AdTech Holding, being a Gold Partner of Forbest Women in Tech award, remains dedicated to championing diversity and inclusion within the tech industry. This award highlights the exceptional contributions of Elena Dolia and Olga Dmitrenko and reinforces AdTech Holding’s position as a tech industry leader that is committed to innovation and inclusivity.

About AdTech Holding:

Established in 2011, AdTech Holding stands at the center of advertising and MarTech. Located in Limassol, Cyprus, the company is renowned for delivering pioneering technologies for the global MarTech industry. With a diverse team and an innovative approach to data-driven solutions, AdTech Holding continues to lead and redefine industry standards.

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