First, They Banned Books, Then They Burned Them. Now Religion Has Been Outlawed.

Sam Jane Brown Adapts Her Controversial Book "Forgotten Word" into Short Film

Advocate for transparent society announces film exposing possible new system where technology replaces religion and internet becomes God

MANCHESTER, England, June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ –Acclaimed author Sam Jane Brown and Apothic Films are thrilled to announce the completion of her short film, "Forgotten Word," which is based on her popular and controversial, religious-themed book by the same name. 

Brown, the respected new world philosopher who portents themes and trends in today’s chaotic society, also wrote the screenplay for the film, which is sure to catch the attention of all major global film festivals for the 2022-23 season.

"Forgotten Word" is an intelligent and compelling art house drama with supernatural undertones and intense, metaphoric imagery and meaning. The film stars Nina Johnston ("Outlander," "Waterloo Road"), Tom Lister ("Emmerdale") and Dean Sullivan ("Brookside") and is directed by Carlton Holder.

The synopsis of the film is intriguing: First, they banned books. Then they burned them. Now religion has been outlawed and… six days ago, the internet went offline worldwide. Rumor is, something is coming to replace it. A new system. Will technology replace religion? Will this iteration of the internet become God? As a chilling new order is close to being ushered in, an Irish detective, trying to navigate a dark world in transition, finds herself in a surreal, ideological and spiritual struggle between two preternatural entities: a charming blond man and a melancholy teenage girl.

Originally published in 2012, "Forgotten Word" was Brown’s debut novel and took readers on a fast-paced journey that touched upon an array of thought-provoking points, including the role of religion and the potential impact of a new world order whereby religion is banned. Her second book in the series, "The New System," was released in 2017, with the premise that, while humankind may have forgotten about God and Satan, they haven’t forgotten us.

Brown is one of the global experts on the subject of transparent government and ethical society. She keeps track of negative government and media messaging and has a unique and clear perspective on the never ending, detrimental mix of constant chaos in a world that continues to build on alarmist views contrary to how society should be governed. Brown’s point of view provides readers with an alarming take on the premise of how repetitive government divisiveness leads to entities wanting to manipulate and rule the masses who continue to fight each other and governments for the truth. 

Brown was born in Salford, Greater Manchester and now resides in Cheshire. When she is promoting her novel.

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