Embrace New Hobbies in 2024 with MoodClue, Basquettes, and Leashrr

CHICAGO, Jan. 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — As we usher in a new year, it’s the perfect time to embrace fresh adventures and explore new hobbies. In 2024, consider making a resolution to cultivate creativity, culinary skills, or spend more quality time with your furry friend. MoodClue, Basquettes, and Leashrr offer the perfect tools to help you kickstart exciting new hobbies. Let’s dive into the world of handlettering, culinary delights, and dog-friendly adventures with these fantastic brands.

MoodClue: Unlock Your Creativity with Liquid Chalk Markers

Discover liquid chalk markers and unlock your creative potential. More than just colorful pens, MoodClue markers are an ideal medium for handlettering or drawing, suitable for all ages. The markers can be used on non-porous surfaces, making them perfect for self-expression. In 2024, consider unleashing your imagination and let your creative side shine through the vibrant colors of MoodClue’s markers. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting, these markers offer a delightful way to kickstart a fulfilling journey into the world of visual expression.

To make your handlettering experience even more enjoyable, MoodClue offers a range of writing and drawing ideas on their website. Explore different styles, techniques, and ideas to elevate your artistic creations. Connect with a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for creativity. Join online workshops or local events to further enhance your skills and make handlettering a social and enjoyable hobby.

Basquettes: Culinary Adventures Await You

For those looking to expand their culinary horizons, Basquettes is the must-have item. Basquettes presents a versatile cooking and grilling tool that can air-fry, crisp, roast, rotisserie, dehydrate, grill, and smoke foods to perfection. Bid farewell to culinary monotony and usher in a world of delicious possibilities. Make 2024 the year you transform your kitchen and grill into a playground for gastronomic adventures. With Basquettes, cooking and grilling become not just tasks but enjoyable and creative experiences that awaken the chef within.

To enhance your culinary journey, Basquettes provides a plethora of recipes and cooking tips on their website. Explore new cuisines, experiment with ingredients, and challenge yourself to create mouthwatering dishes for the whole crowd. With Basquettes, your kitchen or grill becomes a canvas for culinary exploration, making cooking a hobby that nourishes both the body and soul.

Leashrr: Active Bonding with Your Furry Friend

Dog owners, prioritize your and your dog’s health and happiness in the new year by incorporating more exercise into your routine, with a little help from Leashrr. Explore the premium 6-foot dog leash designed to make outings with your furry friend enjoyable, safe, comfortable, and more convenient. Leashrr features a hands-free option, a no-pull safety bungee, four padded handles, ultra-reflective stitching, multiple clips and rings, and a sturdy collar clip. All these features allow you and your dog to effortlessly transition from thrilling trail excursions to leisurely cafĂ© and shopping outings.

Crafted with both style and ruggedness in mind, the 6ft long leashes are tailored to make walking, hiking, and running experiences even more enjoyable, for both you and your pet. Discover new trails, parks, and dog-friendly spaces in your area. Join a local dog-walking group or organize one yourself to create a sense of community among pet owners. Leashrr is not just a leash; it’s a gateway to a healthier and more active lifestyle for both you and your dog.


In the spirit of new beginnings, consider adopting a hobby that brings joy, creativity, and fulfillment to your life. MoodClue, Basquettes, and Leashrr provide the perfect tools to kickstart your journey into handlettering, culinary exploration, and active dog walking. As the New Year unfolds, let these brands be your companions on the path to self-discovery and a year filled with exciting new hobbies. Embrace the possibilities that 2024 holds and make this year one of personal growth, creativity, and shared adventures with MoodClue, Basquettes, and Leashrr!

Lauren Wilmot