Elevate Your Scented Candle Experience with App Control: REIDEA Introduces the Innovative Smart Candle Warmer Lamp

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — REIDEA, a leading brand in the electronic candle lighters and candle warmer lamp industry, is delighted to unveil its latest innovation: the REIDEA ES1 Smart Candle Warmer Lamp. This cutting-edge product offers a modern and convenient way to enjoy the soothing scents of jar candles without the need for an open flame. With app-controlled features, including timer and brightness adjustments, the REIDEA ES1 is set to redefine your fragrance experience.

The REIDEA ES1 brings together form and function, catering to both design-conscious individuals and those seeking a safer and more efficient way to enjoy candles. This innovative product offers a range of benefits:

Flameless Fragrance: Say goodbye to traditional candle flames. The ES1 Candle Warmer Lamp gently warms the jar candle from above, releasing its enticing fragrance into the room without any open flames.

App Control: Utilizing the intuitive esLife app, available for both iOS and Android devices, users can effortlessly control the lamp’s settings. Adjust brightness levels and set timers to create the perfect atmosphere at any time.

Personalized Atmosphere: By fine-tuning the brightness levels, you have the freedom to set the melter’s pace according to your mood, effortlessly crafting a warm and welcoming ambiance.

Timer Functionality: Set timers to automatically turn the REIDEA ES1 on or off at specific intervals. Enjoy fragrant moments without constantly monitoring the device.

Enhanced Safety: Eliminate fire hazards associated with traditional candles, making it a safe option for homes with children or pets.

Sustainable Choice: Extend the life of your favorite jar candles, reducing waste and environmental impact. The REIDEA ES1 is both eco-friendly and cost-effective.

“We are excited to introduce the REIDEA ES1, a product that reimagines the way we enjoy scented candles,” said Christy Lee, marketing director at REIDEA. “With app-controlled features, users have unprecedented control over their fragrance experience. It’s a beautiful and innovative addition to our product lineup.”

The REIDEA Smart Candle Warmer Lamp Melter is now available for purchase on the official REIDEA website. It comes with a one-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind for consumers. Elevate your home fragrance experience with the REIDEA ES1 Candle Warmer Lamp!

About REIDEA: REIDEA is a renowned brand specializing in electronic candle lighters and candle warmer lamps. Committed to innovation, safety, and design, REIDEA’s products are crafted to enhance home environments and create a warm and soothing ambiance.

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