Easter Is the Time for Hope and Optimism – Popular Children’s ‘Dandelion’ Author Changes His Name to Reflect Joy and Renewal

BELLEVUE, Wash, April 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Author and philanthropist, Leamon Scott III, announced he was changing his name to Mr. Optimistic, after Easter Sunday fell on his birthday for the first time ever in his lifetime. Reflecting his deep conviction that compassion and love are transformative forces for good, Mr. Optimistic offers an example for being responsible for the energetic footprint we vibrate outwardly to the universe.

Mr. Optimistic is the author of two children’s books, delighting readers everywhere with anthropomorphic dandelion stories to illustrate timeless themes of love, hope, and compassion.  

"Love, hope, and compassion are simple concepts – expressed as the foundation of any religious or spiritual teaching where ultimately the greatest call of us all is to walk in love," said Mr. Optimistic. "These are lessons that kids understand intuitively and are the lessons behind both of my books. One of my greatest wishes is for the dandelion to be known as the compassion flower thus creating love and hope with every voice."

"The Dandelion Queen"

The story of a little girl who finds beauty and wonder in the most unexpected of places. Wanting to find the perfect birthday gift for her mother, Grace ventures out into fields around her house to pick the most beautiful flowers she can find. But all she sees are ordinary yellow dandelions. Just before giving up, she makes a wish and is visited by the Dandelion Queen – a magical being who tells her the true importance of the dandelion and their mysterious white puff with the power to make dreams come true.

"The Dandelion’s Wish"

A sequel to "The Dandelion Queen," this allegorical tale describes the dandelion’s complete journey into existence: beginning as a seed who was gracefully blown away to an abundant flower garden. As the Dandelion’s roots grow deeper in the belief that it is a beautiful flower, it is befriended by Louise, the Rose Queen of the garden. Standing together with the Dandelion Queen, the two friends and kindred spirits sing a song of friendship that reminds all readers of the transformative power of self-acceptance and love.

"Changing my name embodies a symbolic losing of self – an attempt to rise above the ego and instead, follow a true calling of love," Mr. Optimistic explained. "The world is full of division because that’s what the ego does – it divides us. We all could definitely use more compassion right now – and since it’s so prominent in springtime, it’s why I choose the dandelion as the compassion flower. All people from the youngest to the oldest, regardless of gender, background, skin color or any other identifying trait, find hope and optimism when they make a wish and blow on the dandelion. Through compassion, collectively, we have the power to change the world."

About Mr. Optimistic – An Agent of Hope
Mr. Optimistic was born Leamon Scott III, and is an author, philosopher, and philanthropist, in addition to a loving husband and father of four children. After serving his country in the U.S. Army, he earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Kean University before going on to a career in corporate America. During one particularly tough sales week, and needing a way to motivate his team to stay positive in the face of adversity, he changed his name to Mr. Optimistic for the day. The morale boost worked and a new tradition was born. Mr. Optimistic went on to support his family in other ways, writing books and sharing his message, but he has never wavered from his guiding principles. The "Dandelion" books were born out countless hours of reading bedtime stories to his own children, while also teaching them the importance of love and compassion for others.

Learn more about Mr. Optimistic, his "Dandelion" books, and future projects by visiting his web page or following him on social media: Twitter .

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