Dr. Paul Savage Unveils Pioneering Plasma Exchange Protocol: Reverses Toxins & Inflammation

For the first time in medical history, a promising procedure reveals life-changing benefits: it decreases heavy metals by up to 100%, drastically reduces inflammation, and significantly improves biomarkers of health by up to 95%.

CHICAGO, April 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — New research indicates plasma exchange therapy reverses toxins and increases lifespan. In a landmark presentation at the 2024 Age Management Medicine Group (AAMG) Conference in Miami, FL, MDLifespan’s CEO, Dr. Paul Savage, will announce incredible data from a groundbreaking protocol that is set to revolutionize the medical industry. The research presents staggering statistics showing the potential to reduce all toxins from the body, with unprecedented results in improving inflammatory biomarkers.

The Toxic Reality: Stats That Startle
Living in today’s world means grappling with an onslaught of toxins, from contaminated air and water to pesticide-laden food. According to recent World Health Organization data, toxins are now the leading cause of death, surpassing even heart disease at 25%. Dr. Savage’s findings shed light on this crisis, revealing that toxins contribute to heart disease, cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s Disease, and more.

Plasma Exchange: A Paradigm Shift
Therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE), the cornerstone of MDLifespan’s patented protocol, offers a practical solution to mitigate the impact of over 144,000 toxins that affect the body. Like an oil change for the body, TPE systematically removes harmful substances from the bloodstream, replacing them with revitalizing fluids. The patented protocol not only reduces toxin levels but also rejuvenates the body’s internal environment, tackling inflammation, oxidative stress, and bolstering the immune system.

TPE Key Data Highlights
Dr. Savage and his international team of scientists’ protocol revealed remarkable improvements:

  • Heavy Metals decreased by an average of 80%, with Aluminum showing a remarkable 100% decrease
  • Phthalates decreased up to 97%
  • Environmental toxins decreased up to 95%
  • Health biomarkers improved up to 95%
  • Inflammation decreased up to 50%
  • Oxidative stress decreased up to 50%
  • Immune system improved up to 40%

Commitment to Accessibility and Further Research
Looking ahead, Dr. Savage and his team are writing and publishing articles on this protocol in various prestigious journals. MDLifespan is dedicated to refining and disseminating this protocol to ensure its accessibility to all who stand to benefit. Through continued research and collaboration, the company aims to unlock the full potential of plasma exchange in promoting vitality, health, and wellness.

“Our mission is to ensure that patients have the tools to take control of their health, now and in the future,” said Dr. Savage. The convergence of 30 years of expertise in medical research and technological innovation has created a paradigm shift in our approach to the existential threat of environmental toxins, MDLifespan stands at the forefront of a transformative era.

About Paul Savage, M.D. 
Dr. Paul Savage is a seasoned ER/trauma physician who transformed his career by embracing the health and wellness field of medicine. After struggling with personal health issues, he explored various healing modalities and adopted an evidence-based approach that combines traditional and innovative treatments. Today, Dr. Savage is a vibrant advocate for optimal health, dedicating his practice to helping others achieve wellness through a blend of various conventional therapies. For media requests, contact Julie Kimpel,
, (844) 752-7629.

About MDLifespan
MDLifespan is at the forefront of precision medicine, spearheading research and innovation to redefine aging. Led by Dr. Paul Savage, MDLifespan’s mission is to empower individuals to reclaim vitality and rid their bodies of dangerous toxins. For more information, visit www.mdlifespan.com.

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