Discovery of WWII Submarine “Hit ’Em Harder” USS Harder and Crew Gravesite

NEW YORK, May 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Veteran Ocean Explorer and Tiburon Subsea CEO Tim Taylor along with his “Lost 52 Project” team are thrilled to announce the discovery of WWII Submarine USS Harder (SS-257) and her entombed crew of 80 servicemen. This is one of the most famous submarines of World War II, awarded the Presidential Unit Citation for her successful six war patrols.  Commanded by Medal of Honor recipient, Commander Samuel D. Dealey (1906–1944), the valent crew of the USS Harder sank five destroyers and rescued an embedded special forces team working behind enemy lines, receiving the Presidential Unit Citation. In addition to the Medal of Honor they were awarded four Navy Crosses.

This is a very personal and historic find for Taylor, it marks his 9th WWII Submarine discovery. He holds the distinction of being the only Ocean Explorer and Civilian to locate, document and share his historic findings with the US Navy and bring closure to families of 452 servicemen and heroes lost in battle.

Tim Taylor is internationally recognized as an underwater robotics expert and states “working with pioneering underwater robotic technology has allowed me and my team to document each gravesite with advanced 4D modeling photogrammetry, resulting in the most comprehensive historical archeological records available today.”

For the USS Harder was a peer among peers, a fighter among fighters, and, above all, a submarine among submarines.”  From the book “Hell and Deep Water” by Navy Vice Admiral Charles A. Lockwood

HARDER was lost in the course of victory, and victory has a price, as does freedom – and we must not forget. We are grateful that Tim Taylor and his Lost 52 Team have given us the opportunity to once again honor the valor of the crew of “Hit ’em HARDER,” the submarine that sank the most Japanese warships, in particularly audacious attacks under her legendary skipper, Commander Sam DealeySamuel J. Cox, SES RADM, USN (Ret.) Director Naval History and Heritage Command

The US Navy officially verified Lost 52 Project’s discovery of the USS Harder made at a depth of 1140 meters (3750 feet) in South China Sea.

Tim Taylor’s “Lost 52 Project” is internationally recognized by JAMSTEC (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology) as the first and most comprehensive offshore underwater archaeological expedition in the Pacific waters. The Lost 52 Project 2023/2024 expedition worked closely with the National Museum of the Philippines, an educational, scientific, and cultural institution that manages the collections of the Filipino people. This historic project was supported by the Maritime and Underwater Cultural Heritage Division National Museum of the Philippines. Tim Taylor is CEO of Tiburon Subsea specializing in development of AUV technology advancing ocean data collection solutions. For more information contact Christine Dennison – Media Relations 212-744-6763

SOURCE Lost 52 Project