Construction Defect Center Launches an Affordable Nationwide Initiative Focused on Assisting Homeowners in New Subdivisions-Homes with Unfixed Punch List-Construction Defects-to Try to Work with Their Home Builder to Get the Repairs Done

WASHINGTON, Jan. 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — According to the Construction Defect Center, “We have been assisting homeowners nationwide with construction defects for nearly two decades and typically the problems all started when the new homeowner’s home builder failed to fix the home buyers punch list of repair items, or the homebuilder ignored issues related to obvious workmanship-or defective materials. Some of these repairs might cost thousands of dollars or more-and in our opinion the homeowner should not be stuck with the bill. 

“We are now offering a new homeowner in a subdivision or custom home anywhere in the USA an affordable service to try to get the homebuilder back in their home to repair construction punch list repair items that the homeowner identified to the home builder during the one-year home warranty period-along with other possible construction defect issues that have popped up since then.” https://ConstructionDefectCenter.Com

Who we can help:

  • Homeowners who purchased a new home in a single-family home subdivision or a custom home in the last 2 years that came with workmanship-or construction defect issues-that the builder never repaired. The homeowner must possess e-mails or documentation that prove they did everything possible to alert the builder about the workmanship issues-construction defect issues within their one-year warranty period. If they do not have this type of documentation, we cannot help them.
  • If we think we can help we charge $225 up front to contact the homebuilder to try to get a date-time to get their representative back in the homeowner’s home to see the issues to see for themselves and hopefully schedule a time for the repairs. We will contact the home builder directly, copy the homeowner on all our correspondence and do everything in our power to try to get the issues resolved. We will not spend more than 4 hours to get this accomplished. If we are not successful with the home builder, we will try to find a law firm to assist the homeowner in their state.  We are not a law firm, and our efforts are not an attempt to practice law. 

The types of Homeowner Repair, Punch List and Defect Issues We Might be able to Assist with:

  • Windows or doors that do not open or close properly.
  • Roof leaks-roof flashing-shingles that were improperly installed.
  • Plumbing pipe issues
  • Interior crown molding that has cracked or warped.
  • Interior cabinet doors that do not open or close properly
  • Exterior siding-stucco that is warped or cracked.
  • First floors or basements that flood
  • Interior wood flooring that is warped or cracked.
  • Appliances that do not properly work
  • Drainage issues on the home’s exterior

Who We Cannot Help:

  • Homeowners whose home builder is bankrupt or has gone out of business.
  • Homeowners who are victims of a home remodeling scam.
  • Owners of a mobile home or manufactured home.

Next Step:

“If our service sounds like it might be a helpful approach for a homeowner who purchased their home in a new single family home subdivision or custom home that was built in the last 2 years and the builder never made the required punch list item repairs or fixed what were construction or material defects with the home-please go to our website and send us a note-and provide us with the information we need from our website’s landing page, and we will email you back if we think we might be able to help.” https://ConstructionDefectCenter.Com

Media Contact:
Michael Thomas

SOURCE Construction Defect Center