Connell Funeral Home Leverages Careopolis to Enhance Healing, Togetherness and Quality of Life

AUSTIN, Texas, April 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Connell Funeral Home and CareFlash announced today having entered into a collaborative agreement that leverages togetherness, empathy and nostalgia in enhancing all sorts of healing journeys. This agreement provides clients, families and the community access to CareFlash’s signature platform, “The Careopolis, a Metropolis of Love and Empathy.”

As in the brief video on Connell’s website (, a Careopolis is an online “caring community,” created and operated by a family and invited loved ones. It contains components that enhance the fabric and texture of how loved ones engage throughout healing or aging journeys; chronic, cognitive or behavioral illness; or in celebrating a loved one’s memory. It contains an interactive voice-driven storytelling solution, collaboration calendar for supporting and rallying ’round a family, community blog, photo/video-sharing and more. A Careopolis enhances how loved ones:

  • Celebrate shared memories, experiences and relationships
  • Connect more with empathy than sympathies or well-wishes
  • Engage naturally and durably… no longer trying so hard to not intrude

Adds Jamie Connell, Co-President, Connell Funeral Home, “When families experience a death, loved ones can at times be at a loss for what to say.  Much of the time, sentiments consist of sympathies and condolences. The Group Interactive Storytelling Tool (GIST) within each Careopolis allows friends and family members to communicate heartfelt, uplifting memories and shared journeys and experiences with the grieving family, through their actual voices, photos and videos.  Nostalgia is much more powerful than a memory alone. It takes people back to memories they ache to visit again … memories that epitomize love. Quality family care comes first in our organization and each Careopolis elevates this commitment even higher.

Adds Matt Connell, Co-President, Connell Funeral Home, “Forward thinking death-care professionals view our role more holistically than has traditionally been the case.  Our profession tends to be ‘high-touch and low-tech’ and we value how each Careopolis exemplifies our core values and commitment to innovation in supporting families.  We have been offering The Careopolis for almost a year, and been pleasantly surprised by the thousands of people using it.  Most impressively, many families use it in navigating every imaginable manner of healing.  Seeing the growth of families using them, we know people find them helpful, even needed.”

About CareFlash

CareFlash founder Jay Drayer created the Careopolis after a caretaking journey surrounding a loved one whose illness resulted in their passing. Now into its 19th year, The Careopolis has a strong reputation for empowering organizations wanting to better align their brands with empathy, nostalgia and peace-of-mind.  Partner organizations range broadly throughout healthcare, hospice/palliative, senior-living, homecare, prosthetic, health plans, death-care and employee benefits industries.

About Connell Funeral Home

The Connell family’s association with funeral service began in 1919 with great-grandfather Francis J. Connell, Sr. whose simple philosophy embraced care, concern and compassion for his fellow man.  As successive generations of Connells have contributed to the family business, the 21st century has brought a 4th generation into the firm. James “Jamie” Connell, Jr. , Matthew Connell, and John Connell are committed to its future.  As much as things have changed over the years, the founder’s philosophy remains their credo.  Today, Connell Funeral Home is one of the finest in the Lehigh Valley, serving the needs of greater Bethlehem, PA with dedication and distinction every step of the way.

Jay Drayer, Founder/CEO

Connell Funeral Home
Jamie Connell, Co-President
Matt Connell, Co-President

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