Combination of High Winter Hormone Levels and Scarcity of Dates Make Cuffing Season Real

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Girls Chase, one of the most trafficked men’s dating advice sites in the world, in a recent cuffing study reveals new insights into how and why people enter into seasonal romances. First defined on Urban Dictionary in 2011, cuffing season is the period from October to March when singles "lock down" or "cuff" romantic partners. It may be instinct or just social pressure, but cuffing season is real. How long do these relationships last? Just long enough to survive the holidays.

The Girls Chase study finds 2/3 of cuffed partnerships end by June – right in time for summer love. Scientists have suggested cuffing may be due to hormone changes during winter. Others think supply and demand is the cause, as singles withdraw from dating during colder months and a game of romantic "musical chairs" begins. Either way, the study confirms it exists and that 86% of people have cuffed at least once.

One of the big surprises is men cuff more! An astonishing 89% of men have cuffed at least once and 50% of men admit to cuffing twice or more. That may be due to the more rushed, promiscuous nature of cuffing romances. Other data from the study revealed 55% of people look for a cuffing partner who wants a relationship, but less than a quarter of them care about exclusivity.

"Men and women both say they cuffed to keep warm for winter and not be alone during the holidays," says Chase Amante, Girls Chase Founder and lead author of the study. "Both men and women are twice as concerned about how a cuffing partner will make them look than they are about whether he or she will commit and reported they don’t care much about commitment either."

So how do you know you’re not being cuffed (only to be dropped once temperatures rise)? Amante suggests watching for the following signs:

  • If all your date’s friends are in relationships
  • If things are new, yet your new flame’s already making lots of plans
  • She/he "happens" to leave clothes or a toothbrush over too soon
  • A feeling of rushing towards a "decision" hangs over things

What if you’re the one hunting for a "cuffee"? Amante says, "All the usual places work. The number one and two places men and women say they look for cuffees is nightlife and online. Further, 35% of women and 44% of men say they circle back to past dates, lovers and exes. Don’t rule that one out – a relationship that ended earlier this year may be ripe to rekindle for those frosty winter months."

So is cuffing new, or has it always been with us? "We think it’s just a normal human seasonal dating pattern," Amante says. "The term ‘cuffing’ is new, but seasonal romances are not. We’re just finally now getting the data to back up the anecdotes."

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