CAO Group, Inc. Starts A Program to Bring Patients to Dental Practice at No Cost!

SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CAO Group Inc. (CAO) is stirring the pot by launching a new program to bring patients to dental practices at no cost to the practice.

CAO begins a new campaign in the U.S. aimed directly at consumers involving SheerWhite!®, an innovative and established tooth whitening strip. Consumers will be able to request a FREE SheerWhite! Take-Home Kit at The request will be fulfilled to the dental practice that the consumer indicates, and the consumer will then be informed to pick up their Sheer White! kit at the dental office. The practice will have the opportunity to schedule their next appointment or offer a consultation when the consumer picks up the FREE SheerWhite! kit. 

Sheer White! is a peroxide-based whitening strip with a unique gelatinous viscoelastic composition on a flexible and moldable substrate. The patented technology enables the patient to “whiten anytime, anywhere”™. SheerWhite! products are the top selling whitening products in professional dental distribution channels and are available to dental practice through all major dental distributors in the U.S.

“Teeth whitening is one of the most desired cosmetic procedures by patients and the dental practice is the most trusted place for whitening,” said Densen Cao, PhD, CEO and founder of CAO Group, Inc. “Our program brings patients to dental practices, offers professional and effective whitening care to patients through dental professionals, and also helps facilitate the relationship between patients and dental professionals.”

Dentists and dental practices are encouraged to register on to become a SheerWhite! Practice providing visibility to patients who search for providers that offer SheerWhite! in their practice. CAO will also support Sheer White! Practices with exclusive pricing, digital assets, images, and other promotional materials to aid in marketing.

Detailed information for the program can be found at or call +1-877-877-9778.

About the CAO Group Inc.

The CAO Group, Inc. (CAO), headquartered in West Jordan, Utah, USA, is a leading innovator and manufacturer of dental, medical, forensic, and LED lighting products. CAO has created many technologies that benefited engaged industries. Notable world’s first innovations include LED curing light, modern diode laser, LED forensic light, LED light sources for general lighting, modern teeth whitening, laser curing light, new caries prevention method, digital vision device, and many others.

CAO is committed to making dental technology and products Easier, Faster, Better”™. 

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