Can a Simple Selfie Help You Find Your Perfect Mate?

SciMatch is revolutionizing the future of online dating with its cutting-edge face-reading technology. 

NEW YORK, July 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —  SciMatch team has utilized AI to create Ruby, a love robot and personal virtual assistant for romance. Ruby contains a unique, patent-pending algorithm designed to learn user personalities via "face print" to analyze their relationship compatibility with other users. SciMatch’s technology prioritizes chemistry between users by identifying what makes them click to ensure that these individuals can truly connect on an emotional level.

SciMatch believes that relationship compatibility is more than common interest, it is built on the alignment of personality traits and chemistry. In just a click, SciMatch can upload a user’s selfie and instantly connect them to their scientifically sourced love match.

SciMatch has entered the online dating market amid its global boom. Over 270 million adults worldwide used dating apps in 2020; 39% of US couples say they met online in 2019 and 48% of 18 to 29-year-olds have used a dating app or online site to meet people romantically.

The mission of SciMatch is to increase matchmaking accuracy and connect singles who want to share an emotional connection when they meet their match. Dating profiles often contain unintentional white lies to increase attractiveness and this misleading data is used by mainstream dating apps to create matches, resulting in unreliable matchmaking. SciMatch’s robust technology enables one’s face to tell the truth. 

SciMatch eliminates traditional dating pressure by scientifically matching individuals which simplifies the first move and encourages a natural connection. With the seamless application of science, singles can look for love without feeling obligated to exaggerate their bios or fill out lengthy information forms.

The SciMatch app is fun and easy to use. It presents the value of traditional dating with innovative features like a live, virtual dating room and a "Celebrity Crush" mode that enables users to search for a match that looks like their celebrity crush.

SciMatch is LGBTQ inclusive, finding scientific matches for all people regardless of their sexual orientation.