Boxing Legend Mike Tyson Partners with LF*GO! Inc. to Launch Innovative LF*GO!™ Energy Pouches

LF*GO!™ Steps Into the Ring: New Energy Solution Launched with Support from Mike Tyson

LOS ANGELES, June 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In a significant advancement in the energy category, LF*GO! Inc. is excited to announce the launch of its groundbreaking dietary supplement line of LF*GO!™ energy pouches. This product launch is accompanied by a strategic partnership with iconic boxer Mike Tyson, who is preparing for his high-profile bout on November 15. As part of the launch, Tyson has been named a brand ambassador for LF*GO!™ and will incorporate LF*GO!™ into his training regimes, demonstrating its impact and versatility.

The LF*GO!™ energy pouch is designed to redefine energy consumption. Each pouch contains a potent punch with 200mg of natural caffeine and 6 essential vitamins and minerals, providing a sugar-free, clean energy boost. This innovative approach caters to health-conscious consumers seeking a cost-effective and convenient way to enhance their daily performance and routines.

Mike Tyson expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, saying, “I’m really looking forward to my upcoming fight in November. I am feeling better than ever and have partnered with LF*GO!™️ because it increases my energy and keeps me focused. I like how it’s cleaner and easier to consume than an energy drink. Just pop a pouch and I’m ready to knock Jake Paul out.”

David Cynamon, Chairman at LFGO! Inc., said, “This partnership with Mike Tyson highlights our commitment to excellence and our belief in LF*GO!™ as a game changer in the energy category. Mike exemplifies the peak performance and resilience that we aim to support with our innovative LF*GO!™ products.”

The official launch will be celebrated during The h.wood Group‘s 10th annual Red, White and Bootsy 4th of July Party, hosted at Nobu Malibu. As the presenting partner of the invite-only affair, the LF*GO!™ festivities will feature an appearance by Mike Tyson himself and will mark a significant milestone for the company and adults seeking advanced energy solutions.

LF*GO!™ energy pouches are now available for purchase on the LF*GO!™ website and on

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LF*GO!™ revolutionizes the energy category with its innovative on-the-go energy pouches. This dietary supplement combines natural caffeine and essential vitamins and minerals, delivering a sugar-free, clean energy boost to support health and enhance performance. Designed for active, health-conscious adults, LF*GO!™ is the ideal energy solution for anyone needing a quick, efficient boost, whether at the gym, office, or in daily life. LF*GO!™ is owned by LF*GO! Inc.

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