Black Buffalo 3D Joins ICC-ES Panel at Innovative Housing Showcase hosted by U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

WASHINGTON and UNION, N.J., June 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Black Buffalo 3D was invited to participate in a panel on “Bringing Innovative Materials to Market” alongside representatives from the International Code Council during the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Innovative Housing Showcase. Peter Cooperman—CMO of BB3D—joined industry and government officials to speak about the importance of testing, validation, and standardization to foster innovation in the home building industry

“Black Buffalo 3D invested years into developing a complete solution for 3D construction including printers, materials, and wall designs to streamline the move from traditional to innovative methods of building. Our team recognized that the only missing piece was a standardized approach to help our customers and partners get building permits, approvals and certificates of occupancy for their projects. By testing to and being approved by ICC-ES’s AC509 criteria our tech has overcome the final hurdle,” remarked Peter Cooperman, CMO of Black Buffalo 3D.

ICC-ES AC509 is an internationally recognized building criteria in over 55 countries for 3D printing concrete structural walls. Black Buffalo 3D submitted samples at a material mix level, underwent inspection of its NEXCON printers, and extensive testing of printed wall designs over the course of two years to validate compressive strength, shear testing, interlayer bonding, freeze/thaw properties, seismic resilience, and many other Intertek verified tests to prove the advantages of 3D construction over traditional build methods.

The Innovative Housing Showcase Educations Sessions was a hybrid onsite and live online broadcast of dynamic discussions around leveraging innovative construction techniques to create more abundant, attainable and sustainable housing for all Americans. It was a rare opportunity for government, industry professionals, key stakeholders and interested citizens to hear open discussions around the process of getting new technology and methods tested and approved on a large scale.

Every Black Buffalo 3D home is printed and designed with the highest level of inclement weather resiliency in mind. This helps with long term affordability of home ownership. As part of its plan to promote the 3D printing industry, Black Buffalo 3D has made its NEXCON Printer available for sale and/or lease along with the sale of its Planitop 3D “concrete ink.” Black Buffalo 3D is eager to share its knowledge around the 3D printing process and is offering its team’s expertise and assistance to any and all 3D printing projects. Please contact us for additional information at

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Black Buffalo 3D Corporation ( is poised to revolutionize construction and lead standardization and global innovation of 3D construction printers (3DCP), proprietary construction “ink” and 3D print construction consulting services. BB3D became the first 3D construction provider to meet ICC-ES AC509, giving its clients the ability to 3D-print structural walls on demand. NEXCON Printers 3D-print code-compliant homes, buildings and infrastructure on demand for both onsite and offsite construction. Black Buffalo 3D received the Global Innovation Award from NAHB for its leadership in testing and standardization in 3D construction and its Planitop 3D NA ink received Experts pick for Innovative Product from World of Concrete. For more information and for contacts, visit

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