Big Mozz™ Launches in Select Whole Foods Market Stores Nationwide

Real Fresh Ingredients, Endless Cheese Pull: Discover the Big Mozz Sticks® Experience

NEW YORK, May 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Big Mozz™, maker of the first-ever premium mozzarella stick, announces its national launch of Big Mozz Sticks® at Whole Foods Market as well as available to add to Whole Foods Market online orders. Big Mozz Sticks are made with only fresh, high-quality ingredients, like Whole Milk Mozzarella (no processed, part-skim string cheese here) breaded and seasoned with fresh garlic, parsley, and Pecorino Romano cheese, for the biggest (these are giant-sized sticks!) and best-tasting mozzarella sticks out there, with the biggest cheese pull.

In 2015, Big Mozz started hand-crafting fresh mozzarella sticks that were made with real, fresh ingredients and nothing else. Well, that impressed New York City’s most discerning foodies who kept coming back for more to the food festivals, arenas and stadiums that Big Mozz Sticks were being served up at. Now, you can bring the same unmatched quality home with Big Mozz Sticks, conveniently available in the freezer aisle at select Whole Foods Market stores nationwide, ready to enjoy in minutes.

“For almost a decade, we have served Big Mozz Sticks to millions of people at events and music festivals around the country,” explained Matt Gallira, Founder of Big Mozz. “The opportunity debut with an ideal retailer, like Whole Foods Market to bring Big Mozz Sticks to retail on a national scale is incredible! We’re excited to share our authentically crafted Mozz Sticks with consumers starting May 15th — finally giving all the mozzarella stick fans out there the real flavor and cheese pull they’ve been longing for!”

Big Mozz Sticks will debut at select Whole Foods Market stores nationwide starting May 15th. Freezer to oven (or air fryer) for crispy, cheesy goodness in minutes!

For more information visit, and don’t forget to follow along for the cheese pulls on Instagram at @BigMozz.

About Big Mozz 
Big Mozz is on a mission to create the best party food ever, made from the best ingredients we can find. Big Mozz started with a simple question: why aren’t mozzarella sticks better? Every mozz stick in the freezer aisle has been the same since the ’80s. In 2015, we set out to create the best-tasting authentically crafted mozzarella sticks ever, made with real, fresh ingredients (just six ingredients!). We’ve served them to millions of people around the country, and we think you deserve to try them too! Find Big Mozz in the freezer aisle at Whole Foods Market, Wegmans, ShopRite, Market Basket, Giant Foods, The Giant Company, Meijer and online at

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