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Tips from Capresso for Cleaning Coffee, Tea Equipment

MONTVALE, N.J., April 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — According to the National Coffee Association, 82% of coffee drinkers brew their coffee at home. There are many reasons for skipping coffee shops, from convenience to cost savings to the excellent quality of coffee available with advanced home equipment. From sourcing beans to buying specialty machines, the enthusiasm for home brewing is reflected in the millions of social media posts, videos, and hashtags dedicated to the activity. However, many consumers do not understand how to properly maintain their home coffee equipment, and how easy and important it can be.

Coffee machines can accumulate dirt, oil, mineral buildup, and bacteria that affect taste, aroma, and freshness. Regular cleaning and descaling removes these impurities and ensures that coffee in the cup is always delicious. Cleaning also maintains the machine’s performance. Capresso Cleaning Solution prevents limescale buildup inside the brewing system and is formulated for cleaning and descaling Capresso espresso machines, drip coffee makers and electric kettles.

Coffee grinders must also be cleaned to ensure optimum taste and performance. If oils, old grounds and bits of beans are not removed regularly, they can build up and turn rancid. Capresso Clean Grind is made for stand-alone grinders like the Capresso Infinity Plus Grinder. It is formulated from natural ingredients and should be used monthly or when switching between types of beans.

Water is a major ingredient of coffee and is critical for the best brew. Capresso offers charcoal filter cartridges that remove up to 82% of the chlorine and other impurities found in tap water, significantly improving the taste of coffee.

For thirty years, Capresso has defined the best in-home coffee equipment. The brand understands the importance of maintaining the cleanliness of its coffee makers, espresso machines, coffee grinders, and electric kettles. It also offers a line of care products that make it fast and easy to keep them in optimum condition.

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