Beloved Arise Celebrates Queer Youth of Faith Day with ‘The Power of And’ Campaign

In honor of the fifth annual Queer Youth of Faith Day on June 30, Beloved Arise continues to amplify the voices of religious LGBTQIA+ youth 

SEATTLE, May 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Beloved Arise, the leading national organization dedicated to celebrating and empowering LGBTQIA+ youth of faith, will host their fifth annual Queer Youth of Faith Day celebration on June 30. Leading up to the big day, the organization will launch ‘The Power of And’ — a social media campaign highlighting the personal journeys of queer youth from a variety of religious and spiritual backgrounds.

“Queer youth in religious spaces are often pressured to choose between their faith or their queer identities,” says Jun Love Young, founder of Beloved Arise. “This rigid dichotomy is harmful to one’s identity and mental health — and it’s completely unnecessary. We refuse to accept the tyranny of ‘or’ and instead celebrate the power of ‘and,'” he adds.

Throughout Pride Month this June, Beloved Arise will spotlight the stories of LGBTQIA+ youth who embrace both their faith AND queer identities.

The organization’s message shines through its three youth ambassadors, Sid High (he/him), Christian and Trans, Sabrina Hodak (she/her), Jewish and Bisexual, and Mia Miller (they/them), Muslim and Queer. The youth ambassadors are at the forefront of these conversations and represent the nonprofit’s dream for all queer youth navigating their spiritual journeys.

These elements will all commemorate on Queer Youth of Faith Day with an inspiring and meaningful youth-led celebration. The three youth ambassadors will come together to host an Instagram live, where participants will be making friendship bracelets while holding conversations relating to the power of AND. 

These celebrations are part of Beloved Arise’s ongoing work to celebrate and empower queer youth of faith. Earlier this year, the nonprofit hosted a national essay contest for high school seniors. The annual contest, which awards $10,000 in academic scholarships, has become a powerful platform for queer youth to share their stories of faith, resilience, and hope.

“The profound impact of my faith shaped who I am, influencing my lifestyle, and shaping my worldview. I have learned that the intricate integration of my faith and spirituality with my queer identity reveals a harmonious coexistence that enriches my sense of self,” says Laila, an essay contest participant who is a Taoist and Bisexual. 

Beloved Arise has also recently launched the first national mentorship program for queer youth of faith. During the pilot of the program, queer youth of Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Hindu faith were paired with queer mentors of the same faith.

“It has been amazing to be mentored by someone who I can connect with on a spiritual level,” said Youth ambassador, Mia Miller about the mentorship program.

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Beloved Arise is the first national organization dedicated to empowering youth to embrace both their faith and their queer identity. We are a movement to fight for the lives of LGBTQIA+ youth, particularly those who exist in the margins of their faith communities. Beloved Arise is a multi-faith community that celebrates and embraces queer youth and young adults from all faith traditions. We uplift and empower LGBTQ+ young people in all spiritual beliefs, identities, expressions, and aspirations.

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