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TEANECK, N.J., July 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Validated Claim Support, LLC. (the "Company" "VCS" or "Validated") a Consumer Product Testing Company in Teaneck NJ announces that they are expanding their testing panel and paying local participants to try out new skincare products. Participants must be able and willing to travel to the study site at the Glenpointe Center in Teaneck, New Jersey.

The clinical studies can be focused on products ranging from makeup and skin care through hair care and anti-aging applications. Signing up is easy, and the studies themselves are rewarding and pay out via physical debit card.

As one of the premier consumer testing labs in North America, Validated Claim Support is conveniently located in Teaneck on the ground floor of the Atrium at Glenpointe, with handicap accessible facilities dedicated to making any market research or clinical study run efficiently.

Consumer Product Testing: What should I Expect?

While every study is a bit different in how they are run, there are few things you can expect every time with Validated:

  • A friendly, professional staff that will make sure you are comfortable throughout the whole process. All studies include a detailed consent process, and the staff will do their best to assuage your concerns or find a study that better suits a participant’s needs.
  • Clean and modern facilities. The whole clinical lab was custom built to cater to any needs that might arise for a study.
  • Clear and concise instructions and communication. Prior to even participating in the study VCS’s team will reach out to explain study compensation, length and duration, and expectations. Validated treats every study as its own unique project and has a hardline focus on customer service.
  • Validated is always accepting new panelists from a variety of different ethnic, demographic, and social backgrounds. Since each study has its own requirements, the team can help ensure that there is a well-tailored project that can fit any reasonable needs.
  • Payment: completion of every study guarantees a pay-out. How much all depends on what the study specifics and duration may be, but one thing is certain: studies for skincare and cosmetics pay well.
What are the benefits of Clinical Testing?

Prior to any cosmetic product going to the market and making claims, it must go through validation testing. Generally, consumer products are tested for safety and efficacy. At Validated, efficacy testing is the name of the game – safety testing is already certified by the product manufacturers.

Additional benefits of participation at VCS may include the following:

  • Be one of the first to try new products. Participating in clinical trials provides a unique first look at products coming to the market. Industry Insiders can try products before they launch.
  • Give real input about products. Often, the trial will have questionnaires asking for opinions on certain parameters. Opinions can lead to a change in the product for the better.
  • Additional compensation may be awarded for referring friends and family to Validated, since they are always building their panel.
Different Types of Clinical Testing

Every study is different depending on what the product is and what the specific claims are. Some studies are designed to see how well a product works against untreated skin while others seek to test the product against its competition. The one universal constant for any study though, is the need for paid volunteers.

Without panelists, the studies can’t be run at all. Large, diverse panels are the key to making sure products are tested rigorously enough to substantiate or refute any claims a product could make.

To learn more about Validated visit their website here:

Click here to learn more about panelist registration and/or sign up to become a participant for studies in Teaneck, NJ today.

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