An Alternative to Big Tech; Liberation Technology Services Restores Faith and Integrity with Hub for Teams and Liberation Campaign

Liberation Technology Services (LTS) remains at the forefront of innovation, offering alternative solutions for conservative and faith-based businesses and organizations that rival those of Big Tech. Hub for Teams, an alternative to Teams 365 and Workspace, replaces up to 20+ applications, while Liberation Campaign provides email marketing with peace of mind and no de-platforming.

ORLANDO, Fla., May 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Liberation Technology Services, a leading provider of cutting-edge technology solutions, continues to show their support for conservative and faith-based businesses, entrepreneurs and organizations with a prompt to protect the data of millions of their client’s customers and provide a cancel-free guarantee.

In what feels like a never-ending wave of cancel culture, conservative businesses, faith-based organizations, Kingdom entrepreneurs, Christian-founded companies and influencers face increasing threats to their online presence and fundamental first amendment right. Liberation Technology Services prides itself on the truth of American’s first amendment right and the fact that freedom tech really is a win for everyone.

“We’ve found ourselves amidst passionate business owners and companies that shouldn’t be ostracized or cancelled because of their morals or beliefs. So we’ve created unparalleled alternatives that compete with Big Tech solutions like Hub for Teams replacing Teams 365 and Workspace as well as our Liberation Campaign email marketing platform.” Former White House Official and CEO of Liberation Technology Services Andrew Riddaugh states.

Liberation Technology provides entities with the latest technologies and solutions that protect their online platforms from censorship and de-platforming. Their freedom tech experts continue to tailor solutions that enable clients to protect their online presence, secure their data, and expand their reach.

At a time when protection and peace of mind are key, Liberation Technology Services is attending the 2023 NRB Convention, the largest annual gathering of Christian communicators.

“We must have a platform for sharing innovative ideas and technologies that aren’t attached to an agenda or narrative of control and censorship. Liberation’s participation in this event is a testament to our commitment to drive innovation and provide state-of-the-art solutions to clients that need alternatives. We promise to always protect our client’s likeness and data online. Liberation Technology is particularly great for media, online personalities and influencers because their risk of speaking truth has put a target on their back – we can be a shield to those attacks,” says Liberation Technology Services’ Director of Marketing, Evie Phillips.

Amidst the tensions of technology woes there is hope and faith in Liberation Technology Services. Providing alternative solutions to conservative Christian businesses and organizations that might be fearful of what the future holds or worse already be on the journey of getting cancelled.

Even in the face of challenges, Liberation Technology Services continues to prove their industry integrity and desire to protect the data, online presence, online privacy, and freedom of speech messaging for their customers and the American public.

Learn more about Liberation Technology Services alternative offerings with Hub for Teams, and Liberation Campaign by visiting and take advantage of their special NRB promotions here.

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About Liberation Technology Services
Liberation Technology Services (LTS) is a full-scale provider of tech infrastructure and independent digital solutions. Liberation Technology Services advances businesses, and organizations of all sizes with private cloud hosting, web/app development solutions and a multi-layered “Iron Dome” cyber-defense system supported by zero-knowledge private data centers located throughout the United States. Liberation Technology Services proudly offers un-compromised privacy and cyber security, and a censorship free guarantee, preserving the freedom and security of businesses, and organization’s data and likeness online.

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