ALIVE Podcast Network and Barometer Partner to Drive Equitable Monetization for Black Creators and Media Owners

WASHINGTON, Jan. 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The ALIVE Podcast Network, a leading media-tech platform dedicated to amplifying Black voices and increasing monetization, is excited to announce its partnership with Barometer, a renowned provider of brand suitability and safety solutions for user-generated content. Together, they are poised to challenge historical disenfranchisement faced by creators of diverse backgrounds and revolutionize monetization opportunities for Black creators and media owners.

Brand suitability and safety technologies have played an essential role in safeguarding advertisers. However, they have long been associated with disproportionately impacting creators from diverse backgrounds. The root causes of this disenfranchisement lie in keywords-based solutions and stereotypes. Keywords-based solutions disregard context, imposing culturally homogenous “norms” that fail to capture the nuances and richness of diverse cultures and communities.

One community that has been particularly affected by both keywords-based solutions and stereotypes are Black creators and Black owned media entities. Recognizing the harm caused by these challenges, the ALIVE Podcast Network has joined forces with Barometer to reshape this narrative by utilizing data and driving equitable monetization opportunities for Black creators and media owners.

ALIVE and Barometer are harnessing the power of Barometer’s contextual analysis engine to empower Black creators and media owners with insightful data. As a starting point, Barometer conducted a thorough analysis of ALIVE’s podcast content over the past year and confirmed that the median ALIVE podcast poses no risk in any of the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) categories. This signifies that, on average, ALIVE podcasts adhere to the highest standards of brand suitability and safety. While a few shows exhibited low, medium, or high levels of risk in specific GARM categories, these outliers are exceptions rather than the norm. For instance, among the 36 analyzed shows, only two displayed a high risk for profanity, and one had a medium risk for profanity. These findings debunk the stereotype that Black content contains profanity, emphasizing the inaccuracy and potential harm of such generalizations. The power of data allows us to challenge these stereotypes and make decisions based on accurate information.

“Our team is diligent in our efforts to empower Black voices, drive monetization, and reshape the narrative surrounding Black content through leveraging real data to eradicate debilitating stereotypes,” said ALIVE Podcast Network Founder and CEO, Angel N. Livas.

Through the partnership with Barometer, the ALIVE Podcast Network aims to:

  1. Drive Equitable Monetization: By providing accurate data on brand suitability and safety, this collaboration ensures that Black creators and media owners have fair and equal opportunities for monetization.
  2. Challenge Stereotypes: Barometer’s contextual analysis engine debunks stereotypes associated with Black content by quantifying inaccuracies and highlighting their potential harm.
  3. Empower Black Creators: Leveraging Barometer’s cutting-edge technology, the ALIVE Podcast Network will empower Black creators with actionable insights, enabling them to optimize their content for greater reach, impact, and monetization potential.

“Our partnership with the ALIVE Podcast Network marks an important step towards equity in the podcasting industry,” said Tamara Zubatiy, Co-founder and CEO of Barometer. “By harnessing the power of data-driven insights, together we strive to challenge stereotypes, drive equitable monetization, and foster a more inclusive landscape for Black creators and media owners.”

To learn more about this partnership contact Ashley Todd, 302-238-6673 or

About the ALIVE Podcast Network®:
The ALIVE Podcast Network is the first Black-woman owned podcast network to develop proprietary technology to amplify Black voices, while ensuring creators retain ownership of their content.

About Barometer:
Barometer is an AI-powered platform for contextual targeting and brand suitability in audio advertising.

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