Adsposure Celebrates Creative Marketing with the Third Annual Transit Awards

The Transit Advertising People are celebrating eye-catching and impactful advertisements from around the United States.

CINCINNATI, March 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The 2023 Transit Awards are kicking off Monday, March 25th, and Adsposure invites the public to vote for their favorite bus, shelter, and bench advertisements from cities across the nation.

The Transit Awards brought in over 11,000 votes in both 2022 and 2023, with over 100 different campaigns nominated. This year, campaigns that ran in 2023 and were selected by Adsposure’s review committee are nominated in four different categories: Biggest Impact, Creativity, Community Awareness, and Eye-Level.

For Adsposure, The Transit Awards are a way to recognize outstanding marketing and design teams, and to show support for partner transit authorities.

“The Transit Awards have really become a great way to recognize advertisers and the incredible campaigns that are running across the U.S.,” shared Adsposure’s Director of Marketing, Alex Souders. “Transit advertising on public buses is a unique medium that creates a lot of opportunity, and it’s clear that our advertisers appreciate the format and how impactful it really is. Be sure to go online and vote for your favorite campaigns this year!”

Voting for the 2023 Transit Awards is now open and will run for two weeks, concluding on Sunday, April 7th. All voting takes place on Adsposure’s website at

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