A Place of Faith and Fellowship: The Sanctuary at Kingdom Square Welcomes All to Join Their Baptist Community of Worship

UPPER MARLBORO, Md., Dec. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Sanctuary at Kingdom Square (TSAKS), a Baptist community of faith that has been centered around the Word of God since 1927, is located in Upper Marlboro, MD, and welcomes all to join them in worship! Their church invites anyone looking for a new church in the area to take part in a Baptist community of faith. At TSAKS, members of the church are dedicated to spreading the gospel and sharing Jesus Christ’s love with those around them through evangelism, biblical teachings, and more. For those interested in learning more about faith and their relationship with Almighty God, TSAKS welcomes them with open arms. 

The Sanctuary at Kingdom Square has a Sunday morning church service at 9 a.m. each week and welcomes you to join them in-person or online through their live stream to worship and hear the word of God. At each service, Bishop Anthony G. Maclin will lead the congregation in a study and application of the Bible, worship, and powerful prayer. Additionally, they have youth and teen church available for a younger audience. Those interested in learning more about the word of God and how to apply it to their daily life can join TSAKS for a virtual bible study Wednesdays at noon and 7 p.m. They also have numerous ministries for believers and newcomers of all ages and walks of life to join and connect with other disciples.

This church focuses on seven core values to align with the Lord’s teachings. First and foremost, they take the Word of God to be the center of all their efforts. Worship is not only encouraged but a core value of this ministry. Members are dedicated to doing the Work for the cause of Jesus Christ. Visitors will find that each member is a Witness to what the Lord has done for them, and they continue to live according to the Will of God. TSAKS follows the biblical principle of sharing Wealth with the community to support the church in its efforts. And finally, this church Walks in the image of the calling of the Lord and is true to all they believe.

The Sanctuary at Kingdom Square’s mission is to provide a space for a Baptist community of faith that walks together on the Lord’s path. Through community outreach projects, events for diving into scripture and discipleship, Sunday Worship Services, and more, TSAKS hopes those who are looking for a new church in the Upper Marlboro area will join this family and worship with us! 

Learn more about TSAKS’s missions and events at www.tsaks.org.

About The Sanctuary at Kingdom Square

As a Baptist community of faith, The Sanctuary at Kingdom Square is a community of faith that worships God and serves others. They are committed to sharing the life-changing love of Jesus Christ with all people and strive to be a worship center that is welcoming to all. Find out more about becoming a member at www.tsaks.org.

Media Contact:
Bishop Anthony G. Maclin
(240) 830-5300

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