A New Supply Chain Base on Certified Cannabis Distilleries Is Required to Revive the Legal Cannabis Market in California

Vapor Cartridge Technology LLC has sent a proposal to the CDTFA and Governor Gavin Newsom

STILLWATER, Minn., Dec. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Vapor Cartridge Technology LLC acknowledges the current legal cannabis market is a ‘mess’ considering these documented facts. Many legal growers, especially smaller farms, can’t make a profit, while illegal cannabis growers are profitable and expanding, and worse, the illegal growers are harming the environment and sowing fear.

In this current business model small legal farmer struggle to be profitable. Many are not. Large legal growers can generate enough sales volume to overcome the overhead and tax burden and can be profitable in the legal market, but the legal market’s product (flower) cannot compete with the illegal market’s product (also flower) because in a commodity market, products compete primarily on price. Here is a proposed new business model, enabled by the Vapor Cartridge Technology (VCT), whereby all legal growers can effectively outcompete the illegal growers.

This is by far the most efficient, lowest cost and safest method for delivering cannabis extracts to the consumers’ bloodstream. And the tax structure is clear and fair. Each business entity sets aside a percent of the Payment for Goods Purchased that they receive. This will be the tax that they pay to the CDTFA. According to this official website (https://vaporcartridgetechnology.com), once successfully commercialized VCT cartridges will replace, flower, joints and Vape pens for customers who choose to inhale vapors rich in cannabis extracts. The exact proposal sent to the CDTFA and Governor Gavin Newsom can be viewed on the official website under the tab “Proposal To the CDTFA.”

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