2021 Chinese Xin Chou Year, Zhengzhou’s Annual Ancestor Worship Grand Ceremony in Honor of Yellow Emperor

ZHENGZHOU, China, Aug. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Zhengzhou is the earliest habitat of the Chinese nation and the birthplace of the Chinese civilization, nourished by the Yellow River. With no doubt, the city is one of the best places to represent China’s history and traditional culture and a major exporter of Chinese culture.

Now, Zhengzhou has been well-known among hundreds of millions of overseas Chinese people as one of the country’s oldest cities but also the best metropolis to link the central China to the world.

Every year on the third day of the third month on the Chinese lunar calendar is the birthday of this Chinese common ancestor and also the day when Huangdi (or Yellow Emperor) united the nation and established the first nation in the country’s history, according to folklore.

The ceremony was held in Zhengzhou city, Chime Culture Co., Ltd is responsible for the international promotion of this event.

"Same Root, Same ancestors and Same Origin; Peace, Concord and Harmony" has been always the theme of the grand ceremony in the past years and also the trend of Chinese history for all Chinese people to seek common ground and self-identity on the earth.

Meanwhile, Zhengzhou is modernizing and globalizing itself, and the feeling is palpable as the new meets the old. The city and its inhabitants have also changed with the times, become more open and communicative with people from outside the country.

Now, the city is on its way to become a new showcase for the country’s modern culture and innovation in arts and culture.

It is reported that the ceremony contains nine items on its agenda, namely, golden age ritual music, presenting flower baskets, washing hands and offering incense, making bows, reciting elegiac address, singing carols, performing music and dance for worship, praying for China, and wishing for harmonious Heaven, Earth and People.

The whole audience performed the ritual of worship and bowed three times to the statue of the Yellow Emperor, expressing infinite respect of the descendants for the founder of Chinese civilization.

"The sky was black and the earth was yellow; the universe was vast and a dark whole. The Chinese nation has a long history, and the Chinese culture has a deep root. He enlightened the ignorance; he created the civilization. Our great ancestor is of great virtue and grace," Qi Xuchun, vice chairman of the 12th CPPCC National Committee, read the ancestor worship ode to the audience. Chinese people overseas, or in Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan read the ancestor worship ode online at the same time.

To the rhythmic, elegant and solemn ancient music, the beautifully-dressed-up dancers danced with bamboo sketches in hand, celebrating the birthday of the Yellow Emperor with a brand new choreography, which expressed the common wishes of all the sons and daughters of the Yellow Emperor with their charming dance.

In summary, Welcome tozhengzhou, China — no matter where you are, either for seeking cultural identity and heritage, or looking for business opportunities from the city’s latest development in cultural and creative industry.

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