15.5% of People Surveyed Have Used a Sex Robot, New Study Finds

SHERIDAN, Wyo., March 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A new survey at SexualAlpha of 1,729 individuals has found that 15.5% of them have either engaged in sexual acts with or outright owns a sex robot (a love doll that has some interactive capabilities such as simulated speech or movement).

The survey also found that more people would prefer to make use of a sex robot than invite another human for a casual encounter.

Two separate surveys were conducted. The first asked 1,563 people a series of questions about their general opinions on social trends that might arise in relation to the possible advent of sex robots.

In the other survey 1,729 people were asked questions designed to gauge their personal experiences and views of encounters with sex robots.

Other findings included: 

52.2% of people believe that sex robots will reduce instances of sexual assault in the future. However, a similar number (51.5%) thought that the problem of people being sexually objectified would be made worse.

Sex robots are common knowledge. Almost everyone had at least a passing familiarity with the concept of sex robots. Only 9.3% of respondents said they had no knowledge of them at all. 

The full survey results can be found at: https://sexualalpha.com/sex-with-robot-stats/

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